about gothix

Gothix started her journey in 2018. As a high school dropout, she found herself working part-time as a streamer creating sketch comedy and gaming content
on Twitch.

In a very short time, she was able to quit her job due to the enormous growth of her own channel. However, with the growth also came a lot of attention to everything she did.

When Disney announced that actress Hailey Bailey, a black woman, would replace the pale skin redhead named Ariel in the live-action “Little Mermaid” movie, Gothix tweeted her opinion on this and quickly found herself among the canceled. The mob was woke and she was in their crosshairs.

She lost followers, supporters and seriously considered walking away from doing what she enjoyed.

Gothix is a passionate advocate of free speech, and she knew her voice was needed in the public square.

So after a little time away, she started a new chapter on YouTube, expressing as many “problematic” opinions as she had because she felt that the encroaching censorship was morally wrong, and culturally, a big problem.

Today she has over 330,000 subscribers across multiple platforms. Her passion are Free Speech, Mental Health and empowering listeners to stand up against the mob.