Thinking for yourself isn't a grift.

Cancel This! A new series from 'Right Now'.

When did America the free become America the echo chamber?

Every week, I'll be exploring various topics relating to Cancel Culture and looking at case studies to see what the long-term effects look like and what could have been done differently.

Twitch, where it all started.

Before fighting for Free Speech, I made a living doing sketch comedy and making video game content on Twitch! Take a walk down memory lane and check out my most memorable moments!


Twitch, where it all started.

When I started in 2018, I had no idea how much I would fall in love with being a Live Streamer or where this new endevour would take me. By mid 2020, after my cancellation and in the midsdts of BLMs peaceful protests, I decided to hangup my horns and put away my goggles to take on the biggest challenge of my career: promoting common sense and diversity of thought (among other things).

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*Why I Stream' is a Docuseries directed by R. W. McGrath, which explores the lives of people streaming and the effect it has had on their lives and others. Episode 4 gives you a glimpse into my backstory and what my career looked like prior to cancel culture.

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