Free thought. Free speech. Free People.

Our civility, traditions, and freedoms are at stake. It's time to push back on woke ideology.


Sup? I'm Gothix...

When I started streaming in 2018, I had no idea how much I would fall in love with being a content creator or where this endeavor would take me. By mid 2020, after I was #Cancelled for having the audacity to THINK, I decided to hang-up my iconic horns to take on the biggest challenge of my career: Fighting for Liberty and stopping woke ideology.

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*Why I Stream' is a Docuseries directed by R. W. McGrath, which explores the lives of people streaming and the effect it has had on their lives and others. Episode 4 gives you a glimpse into my backstory and what my career looked like prior to cancel culture.

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A full length documentary about life and journey as a content creator is currently in production by Small Media Large! Join my community on Locals! to be notified!

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The Shores of Orion


The Shores of Orion is an electronic music group residing in San Antonio TX. While they are mainly known for creating music within the genres of Synthwave & Dark synth, they also create music in other genres associated with those aesthetics such as Cyberpunk, Industrial, and Dark pop while adding a cinematic element which allows their music to sound grand. Their influences are 80s Scifi & horror movies, as well as any modern stories that live in the realm of Scifi. The group consists of 6 members; Gilbert Carrizales; the main producer & keyboardist, Gabriel Vasquez; the mixing/mastering engineer & lead guitarist, Kelly Roland; the main vocalist, Alyssa Autumn; the backup keyboardist & vocalist, George Garcia; The Drummer and Exor Sales Elano Jr; The Bassist.

No System

Merch and wardrobe

No_System designs and curates apparel and accessories that bring positivity and snark to your wardrobe and home. All of our work has a point and introduces concepts of ingenuity and liberty. We aim to bring joy, challenge authority, and chew bubble gum. We're all out of gum.

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